Monday, April 4, 2011

This Blog Has Moved

Hey Readers - This Blog has moved to a cosy new home called

You can continue to enjoy great Squidoo tips and tricks and also get a free copy of my e-book  - How To Craft Elegant Money Spinning Lenses on Squidoo.

So head over to today.
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Friday, November 27, 2009

Seo Friendly Images on Squidoo

The latest update from Squidoo headquarters is something that I have been secretly wishing for since quite some time.

Update 1 - Add Labels to Images
Squidoo now allows you to add labels to images which would function as the alt tags. This means that you have one more powerful location to insert your keyword. But remember to use this sensibly and don't stuff keywords.Uploading images to image hosting sites and then linking to them was a real pain. On the other hand if you were uploading pictures in a text module or polaroid module, you weren't able to add "alt" tags. Alt tags are considered important by the search engines as the spiders can't decipher images and rely on the Alt tags to determine relevance.This new update makes this process extremely simple and very SEO friendly.

Update 2 - Add URL Links to Images
This is also a powerful tool that you can use to your benefit. You can use images to link to your affiliate products. You can use them to link to other modules in your lenses. Alternatively you can use them to link to your website or blog. You could have done all of this earlier by using the relevant html tags but this is now made very simple after this Squidoo update. You can now have links even in your Polaroid module which wasn't possible earlier.

To sum up - these are extremely useful updates and are going to be a great help in your On-page SEO efforts.
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Friday, November 6, 2009

Have You Seen the New Holiday Themes on Squidoo

Squidoo has introduced two brand new themes for the Holiday Season. Take one look at them and you will realise that they are awesome. Check them out here.

The Christmas Theme

The Winter Holiday Theme 

Happy Holiday Lensmaking!

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